CANCOM Cloud Managed Services

With CANCOM and Cisco Meraki, you can obtain your network solutions securely from the cloud

The ability to securely access services from the cloud is becoming increasingly important in this age of digitalization. This is because these Cloud Managed Services offer numerous advantages – from simplified management, high data security, reduced IT complexity, network-wide transparency to sustainable cost efficiency and cost control.

Cisco Meraki is the industry-leading intelligent, cloud-based solution that greatly simplifies the deployment of large-scale networks and gives you comprehensive insights into the network for your business prospects (known as Network as a Service or NaaS).

In this context, the solutions are fully managed via the cloud and offer customers a secure and stable network connection at all times. Thanks to the central platform and the browser-based dashboard, users also benefit from an intuitive control and reporting system. The product range includes routers, switches, security appliances, WLAN equipment, etc., and can be scaled with flexibility from very small to very large installations.

As a long-term partner of Cisco Meraki with extensive expertise in the fields of network, network security, and managed services, CANCOM is responsible for planning, deploying, operating, and managing the appropriate network solutions. The close partnership between the two companies offers first-class solutions and services, particularly in the fields of “Managed LAN,” “Managed WLAN,” and “Managed WAN/VPN.” Best of all, customers benefit from a high level of data security at all times. The data traffic always remains in the customer’s local network and is not routed via the cloud. Contact us today and request your personal consultation.

The Cloud Managed Service provided by CANCOM and Cisco Meraki offers the following benefits:


  • Scalable from small branch offices to large networks
  • Easily add devices or locations in minutes


  • An integrated solution that is always up to date (time can be scheduled)
  • High level of security thanks to “out-of-band management architecture”


  • Meets EU and Swiss Safe Harbor requirements
  • Hosted in German data centers (Munich and Frankfurt)
  • Transparency and control throughout the entire network
  • Automatic monitoring and alerts


  • Standardized, turnkey installation and management
  • Intuitive and centralized insights into the entire infrastructure with standardized reports
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Flat rate includes hardware, maintenance, support, and new features added on an ongoing basis
180308_030.22_Managed WLAN Meraki

CANCOM Cloud Managed WLAN Services

180308_030.22_Managed WAN Meraki

CANCOM Cloud Managed WAN Services

180308_030.22_Managed LAN Meraki

CANCOM Cloud Managed LAN Services


CANCOM Cloud Managed Network
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CANCOM Cloud Managed Network
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